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EVO Max 4N - Explore the night.
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EVO Max 4N industrial drone encompasses a robust array of technologies meticulously designed to manage a diverse spectrum of scenarios efficiently.

Its primary payload encompasses a Starlight night time camera, a 4K low-light wide-angle camera, a thermal camera, and a laser rangefinder, collectively executing tasks such as inspections, search and rescue operations, security surveillance and land surveying. The drone can swiftly reach designated locations and complete tasks, even when confronted with adverse conditions.

The drone is operated by a pilot using the provided Smart Controller V3, or alternatively, enabling the EVO Max 4N. It has an array of advanced navigation and obstacle avoidance technologies for semi-autonomous or fully autonomous flight, either individually or as part of a synchronised fleet.

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The EVO Max 4N is ideal for critical industrial and first responder missions due to the technology which allows it to handle a wide variety of scenarios. The Starlight night vision, zoom and thermal cameras makes it perfect for night surveys.

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Surveying and Mapping
Security and Surveillance
Night mapping
Search and rescue

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EVO Max 4N supports starlight camera for better night surveys, while EVO Max 4T supports 10x zoom camera

The maximum flight time is 42 mins (without payload).

With a further transmission range of 20 kilometers, more frequency bands are supported (2.4/5.2/5.8Ghz/900Mhz), and more resistance to RF interference.

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