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Drones being used in construction is on the rise due to the data they collect which can save companies millions. Drones can be used to calculate stock piles, site measurements, landfills, construction monitoring, media and many more. The idea behind the use of drones is to ensure the build is perfectly matching the original plans, therefore preventing costly re-works.

Whether it be pre-construction, during construction or post construction, drones can save you a fortune. Looking for construction drones services in Dubai? You've come to the right place.

Pre-construction: Drones can provide you with full surveys and outputs such as 2D and 3D maps, orthomosaics, point cloud data, digital terrain models, digital surface models and contour maps.

During construction: Site surveys, construction monitoring, checking blueprints to as-built.

Post construction: Final assessments of the site, marketing videos, environmental impacts from the site.

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Most frequent questions and answers about construction

The main benefit to using drones is to save you money on reworks.  Having drones monitor the site whilst construction is going on means you have full visibility on the progress of a project.

Yes, Autel’s mesh system allows you to put up multiple drones meaning you catch even more data at faster rate. Check with local authorities to you before doing this though as regional laws will vary.

Drones do have the capability to be able to live stream everything to you sat at your desk ready for immediate action.

One of the main issues is that in construction can be that there is a lot of movement on site which could make it difficult to capture the images and data you need, especially with the dust and movement of vehicles etc.  However, as long as the pilot is skilled and has the right equipment, it should not be an issue.

Requirements vary by region but typically include things such as drone registration, pilot certification, adherence to flight regulations, respecting airspace restrictions, and ensuring safe operation around people and property.

For construction projects, data collected by drones is processed using specialized software to create detailed maps and 3D models. This data is used for project planning, tracking construction progress, inspecting work and creating reports.

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