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Introducing an industry-first innovation, the Autel EVO Lite pioneers a revolutionary four-axis gimbal configuration, facilitating the capture of vertical videos tailored for seamless editing and effortless sharing on mobile devices.

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With the Evo Lite you can embark upon a realm of heightened visual excellence. This drone has a highly sensitive 50MP camera, enriched by a 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor. It incorporates an innovative RYYB colour filter array design, thereby absorbing 40% more light in comparison to conventional RGGB arrays. This augmentation permits the preservation of natural landscapes in their full colour, allowing a truly immersive experience to your visual endeavours.

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The EVO Lite is the only drone of its size to offer a 40 minute flight time meaning you can capture those amazing moments whilst others are heading home to change batteries. You can fly faster, longer and safer due to the EVO Lite having obstacle avoidance sensors meaning you are free to rule the skies.

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800meters (2,624ft.). Different countries or regions have different altitude restrictions. Please pay attention to local regulations when flying.

It comes with 6G of onboard storage and an SD card slot that supports up to 256G of storage expansion.

The only difference between these two drones is the camera. Performance wise they are as good as each other.

You have options of  Autel Orange, Arctic White and Deep Space Gray.

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