Energy Inspections
Guaranteed results - Discover our 5 times faster and cost-saving solution.
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Security and Surveillance
The industry-leading solution - Period!
3 Game-changing benefits: Longest flight time, mass deployment, fully autonomous.
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Electricity and Utility
Discover how a company cut costs from $12m to $3.9m.
Want to save your company $8m today?
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Construction is expensive, clients save on average 17% on project costs.
Ask today about our 100% guaranteed cost-saving strategy.
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Surveying and Mapping
Do you want to map 5 to 7 times faster than the rest of the industry?
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Drone Training
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At Drone Shop, we take pride in redefining the way businesses access cutting-edge drone technology. We believe in customer success and listening to our clients. We offer a ‘won’t be beaten on price’ guarantee, a 100% product satisfaction assurance, with a 14-day exchange and 1-year warranty on all products, so rest assured we’ve got your back! Experience the Drone Shop difference and see why we're the trusted choice for businesses across the MENA region. Based in Dubai, we're the drone company that you can trust. Try for yourself today.

Main Benefits of Drones


All drones can cover areas faster, however, we can also multi-deploy to supercharge speediness.


Reduce operational costs significantly, we never fail to reduce customer costs.


Better data to enhance and enrich your business and reporting experience.

Improve Safety

Avoid having to send your team into harmful situations, reduce risks and let the drones do the hard work.

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