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Drone Shop is an authorised Autel Robotics distributor in the GCC region and we are proud to represent a brand that has redefined drone innovation since its inception in 2014. Autel Robotics are driven by a customer-centric approach and they are a collective of seasoned industry experts with a profound enthusiasm for technology and extensive engineering know-how. Autels' core focus on groundbreaking research in essential technologies, relentless pursuit of excellence, and unwavering dedication to exceed client expectations empower us to provide the very best drone capabilities for both commercial and personal applications. Our commitment is to deliver aerial solutions of supreme quality, offering high value to our clients through our partnership with Autel.

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Who are Autel Robotics? As a global entity, Autel Robotics is headquartered in Shenzhen, China's hub for industrial and software innovation and a renowned center for drone technology. Thier global presence is fortified through substantial subsidiary operations, primarily in the United States, Germany, Italy, and Singapore, where they engage elite talent in the pursuit of pioneering drone technologies and autonomous solutions.

Autel's R&D base in Nanshan i Park spans 19,000 square feet, while the Guangming Industrial manufacturing facility occupies a vast 37,000 square feet. Autel Robotics' fervent commitment to research and development is evident in their extensive patent portfolio, which includes 2537 patent applications worldwide and 1053 patents granted globally. This dedication to innovation places Autel Robotics at the forefront of the international drone industry.

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Autel Robotics drones stand out for their exceptional imaging capabilities, extended flight times, and advanced obstacle avoidance systems. Many of our models offer 8K video resolution, providing unparalleled clarity and detail for professional-grade photography and videography. Additionally, our drones are equipped with AI-enhanced technologies for smarter flight planning and execution. The combination of durability, high-performance imaging, and intelligent flight modes makes our drones highly sought after in both commercial and recreational sectors.

Yes, Autel drones are perfectly suited for industrial inspections and surveying thanks to their high-resolution cameras and stable flight capabilities. Our drones can capture detailed images and videos from difficult-to-reach areas, making them ideal for inspecting infrastructure, construction sites, and agricultural lands. With advanced data analysis tools, our drones can help in mapping, 3D modeling, and thermal imaging, providing valuable insights for decision-making in various industries.

Autel Robotics strives to ensure compatibility with a wide range of third-party accessories and software to enhance the functionality and versatility of our drones. This includes support for various gimbal cameras, carrying cases, flight control apps, and data analysis software. We recommend checking the specific model’s specifications for compatible accessories and software or contacting our support team for detailed information.

Autel takes the safety and regulatory compliance of its drones seriously. Our drones are designed with built-in safety features, such as geo-fencing, automatic return-to-home, and obstacle avoidance systems, to prevent accidents and unauthorized operations. We regularly update our drones’ firmware to comply with the latest aviation regulations and provide users with guidance on flying safely and responsibly. Autel also collaborates with regulatory bodies to stay ahead of evolving standards and ensure our drones meet all necessary requirements.

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