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The Trinity Pro is the next generation eVTOL fixed-wing mapping drone with fully integrated camera options of RGB, Oblique, Multispectral and LiDAR.

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Quantum Systems Trinity Pro Enterprise Drones are a next-generation fixed-wing mapping solution, built on a reliable, easy-to-use and safe platform. It is designed to adapt to changing requirements with evolving capabilities, and to accelerate decision making through aerial data. There are five options of fully integrated cameras including RGB, Oblique, Multispectral and LiDAR which can be swapped within seconds without the need for tools. As technology evolves, so will the Trinity Pro. It integrates the latest Quantum-Skynode autopilot with onboard Linux mission computer. These high-performance products provide increased computing power and internal storage, as well as connectivity and AI readiness onboard the UAV. The eVTOL capability of the UAV allows for smooth landings, ultimately increasing the service life of the cameras.

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Trinity Pro commercial drones are designed with a variety of advanced features that make them an exceptional choice for surveying and mapping. The drone is incredibly lightweight, easy to assemble, and the fully integrated payload sensors can be easily and quickly swapped without the need for tools. The Q-Base software makes for smooth mission planning which allows for a fully autonomous flight. It can cover a huge area in one flight and its hot swappable batteries means continual data capture of your mission. Quantum Systems enterprise drones have managed to come up with a more advanced solution for take-off and landing ensuring safety of the drone, payloads and operators. This, combined with the other features mentioned means that we believe there are no better fixed wing drones currently in the market.

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Survey and Mapping
Public Safety
Pipeline inspections
Overhead power lines

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Quantum Systems Trinity Pro

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There are five payload sensors that can be used with the Trinity Pro:





Phase One

Yes, the very easy to use pre planning software allows you to plan your flight from the comfort of your office, meaning when you get to the field all you have to do is assemble the drone and fly.

The Trinity Pro is very easy to assemble and lightweight meaning that it should only take you 5-10 minutes to starting your mission.

From placing your order to delivery will usually take around 2-3 weeks depending on government approvals.

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