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Drone technology is rapidly revolutionising the media and communication industry. The ability to capture incredible photography and videography from the sky has changed how we consume media content. Many companies now use drone footage as a necessary component of their corporate videos and brochures.

Drones have undeniably made a significant impact on various industries, but their influence is particularly pronounced in the media sector. This is primarily due to the convenience and the output quality due to the advancement of camera quality on board.

Using a drone is far more cost-effective in comparison to traditional methods such as mounting cameras onto helicopters and airplanes. With the introduction of FPV drones, it has given access to hobbyist drones to create fun and engaging footage for personal or professional use.

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The EVO Lite+ with its 1-inch CMOS image sensor and Autel’s intelligent moonlight algorithm, can capture crisp, vibrant details at night with low noise — even when the ISO is cranked up high.

Businesses such as hotels and resorts, beach clubs, logistic companies, car manufacturers etc. use drone footage to create advertising material.  However, with the advancement in accessible technology and camera quality, many photography and videography enthusiasts like to use drones to capture those special moments to look back on with fond memories.

Yes, you will need a permit to fly a drone but the type of permit will vary depending on your location.  Please chech with your local authority before putting your drone in the sky.

First-Person View (FPV) is where a drone pilot controls a drone manually with the use of VR goggles usually.  It gives the output as if you are following or walking through the vehicle or venue in question.  This is becoming very popular for bars, restaurants, shops and warehouses who want to make amazing quality content for advertisements or social media content.

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