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Drones offer distinctive capabilities that can help emergency service providers worldwide, playing a pivotal role in numerous public emergency and safety operations. Their contribution has already resulted in the rescue and preservation of countless lives.

Search and rescue (SAR) missions are complex due to their unpredictability and time-sensitive nature. Terrain challenges further complicate operations. Drones for aerial search and rescue offer key benefits:

Swift Response: Drones navigate traffic and reach inaccessible areas quickly.
Situational Awareness: Drones provide real-time aerial data, reducing search time.

Detection: Thermal cameras identify heat signatures, aiding in locating individuals.
Communication: Drones broadcast messages and facilitate direct contact.
Illumination: Drones provide visibility during night operations.

Using SAR drones can enhance mission effectiveness and safety, providing the best possible solution.

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Search and Rescue

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers on the Search and Rescue

Drones can get to hard-to-reach places much quicker than a human, which would speed up the search and ensure safety for the rescue team.

We have drones that have night camera sensors, thermal sensors and also attachments for powerful spotlights to cater for night time searches.

Yes. You can livestream to your computer or even directly to a control centre in a completely different place to where the flight is taking place if you have the correct set up.

Yes. Autel drones have the capability to launch up to 3 or 4 drones at the same time from the same controller, meaning you can cover even more ground faster.

Some drones are capable of carrying important items such as emergency medical supplies, life vests, or communication devices, which can be dropped to individuals in need before ground teams arrive.

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