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Introducing Tracer, a portable UAV detector that efficiently captures, analyzes, and processes radio signals from a diverse array of UAV models.

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Tracer offers two models tailored for different scenarios. Tracer P swiftly pinpoints the exact locations of UAVs and their pilots by dissecting wireless signal protocol layers, all while maintaining interference-free wireless communication within the protected area. In situations where UAV protocols are inactive or inaccessible, protocol analysis becomes unfeasible. Enter Tracer S, which employs spectrum detection technology to provide comprehensive coverage for a wide range of UAV models. It excels at detecting and precisely determining the orientation of UAVs, overcoming the limitations imposed by the absence of UAV protocols.

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Having introduced the Tracer UAV detector to our clients as a security solutions dealer, we're thoroughly impressed. Its portability, offered in both Tracer P and Tracer S models, is a game-changer. Tracer P is ideal for pinpointing UAV locations and operators without disrupting wireless communications within the protected area. Meanwhile, Tracer S, using spectrum detection, excels in scenarios with inactive UAV protocols. What sets Tracer apart is its real-time insights, aiding timely security responses. Compact, versatile, and effective, it's a smart choice for enhancing UAV detection capabilities and maintaining security in complex environments.

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