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The Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3 represents a cutting-edge drone engineered to cater to the stringent demands of surveying and mapping tasks.

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The Evo II RTK V3 stands out due to the incorporation of advanced RTK technology, enabling unparalleled precision in positioning, attaining an accuracy level of up to 1cm+1ppm (1.5cm+1ppm). This attribute makes it well-suited for a diverse array of sectors, including construction, agriculture, and mining.

The EVO II Pro RTK V3 exemplifies an exceptional drone, seamlessly merging excellent performance and remarkable adaptability, specifically honed for the complexities of surveying and mapping applications. Whether its the construction industry, agricultural ventures, or any other field requiring finely detailed data and comprehensive maps, the EVO II Pro RTK V3 stands as the quintessential solution ready to meet your precise requirements.

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With the help of the EVO II RTK V3 drone, the efficiency of information collection has more than doubled compared to the past. High-precision positioning data is helpful for accurate surveying and mapping and geographic information collection.

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Security and Surveillance
Surveying and Mapping
Oil and Gas
Search and Rescue
Overhead Power Lines

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Unlike the other EVO II series aircraft, the EVO II RTK is equipped with a high-precision RTK positioning and navigation system.

This drone uses low-noise propellers.

The maximum flight time is 38 minutes.

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