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The EVO II RTK Series features an innovative RTK module, offering real-time centimeter-level positioning and supporting Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK). It can also capture original satellite observations, camera settings, and additional data.

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The EVO II RTK Series integrates an entirely new RTK module, which provides real-time centimeter-level positioning data and supports Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK).

This drone can record the original satellite observation data, camera exposure parameters, along with various other data. The positioning system supports an A-RTK base station and RTK network, which helps to provide stable, accurate data acquisition in complex operation environments.​

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Whilst the V3 is now available and has some upgraded features the EVO II RTK V2 is still more than capable of competing against the best.
The EVO II RTK V2 still has a lot of the benefits of the newer version including obstacle avoidance for tricky areas as well as having no requirement for GCP’s, and is just as reliable. This could be the perfect place to start your missions.

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