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The Autel Alpha is an intelligent industrial drone, specialising in commercial and high-level asset inspections.

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The Alpha excels in autonomous flight, anti-interference, and obstacle avoidance. Its foldable design and IP55 rating make it suitable for challenging environments. The built-in RTK dual-antenna system ensures precise control within millimetres during missions. The DG-L35T gimbal features a 56x dual thermal imaging camera, 4k 35x optical zoom (with 560x maximum hybrid zoom with clear observation up to 8km away), starlight night vision, and a laser rangefinder for professional solutions in public safety, energy inspections, and emergency management.

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We are really impressed with the Autel Alpha and it’s performance capabilities. This industry-leading drone comes into a market dominated by the DJI M350 and it has more than enough to not just compete, but to better it’s competition. The dual thermal sensor is one of a kind and 35x optical zoom is very impressive. The drone has anti-jamming and anti-spoofing ability but one thing that will not go undetected is the price, coming in slightly cheaper than its counterpart making this even more appealing.

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Security and Surveillance
Energy Inspections
Overhead Power Lines
Oil & Gas
Search & Rescue

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Yes, the Alpha has starlight vision which means you can ensure full capabilities for night-time operations, making it perfect for security and surveillance applications.

Yes, with pre-planning and 720 obstacle avoidance

Starlight is a unique sensor surpassing thermal imaging capture for night flights, providing the user complete confidence in night-time operations

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