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The Dragonfish series includes three models: the Dragonfish Lite, Dragonfish Standard, and Dragonfish Pro. With a flight time of 81 minutes, 126 minutes, and 158 minutes respectively while carrying a payload, each model can greatly improve work efficiency.

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The distinctive tilt-rotor configuration of the Dragonfish streamlines operations, while optimising both performance and efficiency. Free from intricate moving components, the Dragonfish embraces modularity, waterproof durability, intelligent features and steadfast reliability. Equipped for immediate mission readiness, the Dragonfish encompasses impressive AI tracking prowess alongside an array of adaptable modular payload selections. With an industry-leading flight time of up to 158 minutes, inclusive of payload, the Dragonfish pushes ahead of its competitors in terms of mission capabilities.

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The DragonFish is truly one of a kind. Using Autel's intellingent AI and advanced flight control technology, it can tackle even the most complex operations, including tracking the terrain for sudden rises in altitude. The DragonFish is easy to assemble and has one-click take off functions meaning you will be controlling the skies in no time.

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Surveying and Mapping
Security and Surveillance
Search and Rescue
Oil and Gas
Overhead Power Lines

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For Lite: The maximum payload weight is 1kg.

For Standard: The maximum payload weight is 1.5kg.

For Pro: The maximum payload weight is 2.5kg.

The blades on both sides of the wing are quick-release blades, which can be easily detached and stored. The blades at the front and rear ends of the aircraft generally do not need to be disassembled. If they need to be replaced, you will require a set of tools to do so.

The Dragonfish has an IP43 protection level and can fly in heats up to 40c

For Lite: The max flight time is 81 minutes.

For Standard: The max flight time is 126 minutes.

For Pro: The max flight time is 158 minutes.

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