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Autel DragonFish Nest

Autel DragonFish Nest

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Spanning an impressive distance of up to 75 miles between units, the Dragonfish Nest seamlessly merges the exceptional performance of the Dragonfish aircraft with autonomous functionalities encompassing takeoff, landing, charging, and flight missions. This groundbreaking system is meticulously engineered to excel in extended-range corridor inspections and comprehensive coverage over expansive areas, making it an optimal solution for specialised undertakings.

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You may have heard or seen drone nest solutions before, but you won't have seen one like this before. The Nest allows a VTOL Fixed wing drone to autonomously take-off, land and charge without any human interaction which makes it one of a kind.

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Powerline Inspection
Border Patrol
Pipeline Inspections
Security and Surveillance

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Autel DragonFish Nest

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Yes, an antenna is included in the accessories.

Autonomous battery change mode enables enables 10 minutes battery change and takeoff.

Ethernet, Optical fiber (customized), 4G, 5G (customized)

Yes, The protection level is IP54.

Dragonfish Nest is compatible with the Dragonfish Lite and Dragonfish standard.

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