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Skyfend Defender

Skyfend Defender is an affordable and compact K-band FMCW radar system designed for close-range surveillance across land, sea, and air domains.

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This radar is particularly well-suited for portable setups and safeguarding critical assets like government facilities, official residences, and correctional institutions. Leveraging advanced environmental perception and target recognition algorithms, it excels in rapid target detection and deployment, bolstering security measures.

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Skyfend Defender's compact design and affordability are what make this impressive. It's versatile, and suitable for land, sea, and air surveillance, making it ideal for safeguarding government facilities and other high-value targets. Its advanced target recognition ensures rapid and accurate detection. SkyfendDefender is a must-have for cost-effective, reliable security solutions.

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Border Control
Security and Surveillance
Public Safety

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Yes, With the integration of clutter suppression technology and Micro-Doppler technology, the defender is able to differentiate between drones and other flying objects

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