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WingtraOne GEN II

The WingtraOne Gen II VTOL drone is an easy to use drone for surveying and mapping. It provides high-quality survey data quickly and cost effectively offering a wide selection of high-resolution sensors for all your surveying tasks.

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The WingtraOne GEN II offers tailsitter vertical take-off and landing (VTOL).
It has two 99 Wh batteries providing flight time of up to 59 minutes depended upon payload. Currently with a range of three RGB sensors with an option for both integrated oblique sensor for 3D modelling and DSMs and multispectral sensor with a focus for agriculture and environmental missions.

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The WingtraOne GEN II is now compatible with various RGB, oblique and multispectral cameras. So whether it is orthomosaic, 3D maps, Point cloud or environmental mapping you require the Wingtra has you covered. The WingtraOne can fly up to 59 minutes depending on what your mission is so those large area surveys can be done quickly and safely.

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Wingtraone Gen II

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Technically yes, but always consult local civil aviation to ensure it is legal where you are.

Yes, the Wingtra is very easy to put together pre flight.

You can get less than 1cm accuracy.  This is based on the conditions of your flight and also what GCP’s you have in place.

The Wingtraone Gen II can fly for longer than ever meaning your time is not wasted surveying the traditional way.  We all know time equals money.

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